The Armant Empire is centered upon--and dominated by--the vast city of Armant Proper, itself built upon the Tree of the Spear of the God That Was.  Fourteen-hundred years ago, in the last days of the Dark One's War, the God That Was slew the Dark One with a mighty thrust of his spear, transfixing the monster before imprisoning it far to the west of the Kharak Knives, deep within the pit known as the Throat of the World.  His own life spent, the Emperor Upon the High Throne dropped his spear, where it fell to the earth and drove itself deep, the wood of its shaft sprouting like the branches of a great tree.


Following the light of the mythical Last Star, survivors from across the world arrived at the Tree, which was crowned by the floating grandeur of the Celestial Garden, where sat the Armant Empress Incarnadine upon the Corporeal Throne.  Under her benevolent rule, these survivors built a great city around the base of the tree, and within the numerous nooks and crannies of its bark, as well as upon the massive, suspended plates formed of its woven branches.  All of its towering mile of height can to hold palaces and markets, neighborhoods and monasteries.


Meanwhile, even as the city itself was growing, explorers from the Empire would also venture forth, mapping the world that changed in the aftermath of the Dark One's War, sometimes pushing the boundaries of the Empire and sometimes simply returning with stories of the strange, alien wonders of a world grown wild without the touch of civilization.


Armant Empire Armant Proper
The Armant Empire and its surroundings. The city of Armant Proper.