Magic—all magic—comes from the numinous force of life.

 In the beginning, this 'numina' was provided to all things by the Great Gods, who blessed all the children of the world with magic. 

But there came the War of the Walking Gods and the divine distanced itself from the world. 

So the mortal races took it upon themselves to craft numina of their own, gathering the vitality and power of their races into a vast Well from which unlimited energy could eternally flow. 

But a thousand years ago there came the Black Rock Council, when the Traitor Heroes destroyed the Well and burned the power within. 

Now, all numina comes from the Great Beasts; creatures of power who rule the kingdoms of the world.  From these Patrons comes all the power of magic.  Their worshipers gain the divine blessings that their life provides, but there are darker forces: blood-drinkers and necromancers, who desire the arcane power of numina and hunt the flesh of the Great Beasts.