Here are gathered my sundry notes on D&D and Pathfinder games that I have run, as well as rules and ideas that I've come up with over the years.


Zenáthras - The current setting for my Pathfinder campaign.  Covers general world information as well as the rule variants being employed.


Faengleis - The previous setting for my D&D/Pathfinder campaigns.  Includes world information, rules modifications, and a Pathfinder Epic-Level Handbook adapted from the D&D 3.0 handbook of the same name published by Wizards of the Coast.


Epic Pathfinder - Rules adapting the D&D 3.0 Epic Level Handbook for use with Pathfinder; specifically, for use with the Faengleis setting.


Wheel of Time - My efforts at adapting the Wheel of Time setting to Pathfinder, relying heavily on the Wheel of Time d20 books released by Wizards of the Coast.