Epic Pathfinder

For the Faengleis campaign, I have begun revising the old D&D 3.0 Epic Rules for the Pathfinder setting.  They are available below as a PDF.


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.6 (3/7/2016) -  The dead levels update!  While feats and magic items have received some minor updates, the focus of this update has been reworking automatic bonus progressions, boosting character damage output, and guaranteeing that every character gets something every level. 


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.5 (12/7/2013) -  The magic item update!  A few new feats, some extra epic spells, some error corrections, but the main attraction here is 150+ new magic items. 


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.4 (6/30/2013) -  A few new feats and some general cleaning-up of the formatting.  Modified some existing feats, as well. Note: This version includes rules compatible with regular Pathfinder gameplay, including the experience charts.  Faengelis players can simply ignore those changes.


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.3 (11/26/2012) - What should be the last major modification to the epic level handbook: 55 new feats, rules for epic magic items, epic skills, and creating new epic spells.  A few minor modifications to pre-existing feats.


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.2 (9/22/2012) - Mostly feats in this update: 40 new metamagic feats and 30 new feats in the other categories.  Also, some minor changes to a few existing feats and a small update to the Epic Magic section.


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1.1 (9/12/2012) - Still rough, but with a few changes that warrant a new release.  Spell advancement for caster classes has been restored, in preparation for making metamagic feats more important to epic-level spellcasting as opposed to designing brand new spells.  Feats have also been grouped for convenience, to make it easier for different classes to identify which feats they are eligible for when leveling up.


Epic Pathfinder Handbook v1 (8/2/2012) - An extremely rough, incomplete version of the rules.  Contains basic character progression rules in their finished form, class advancement tables, epic feats adapted from the D&D 3.0 Epic Level Handbook, and a small sample of new feats.  Does not contain the majority of new feats that will be added, epic level magic items, or rules for crafting epic-level spells.